12 Celebrities Who Will Look Awesome in Belinda Jewelz’s Skull Jewelry

There is a trend going around in the Jewelry Biz. This trend is skulls, and while it has been around for a while, celebrities have been wearing it around in more recent times. I think most people thought the trend of skulls had become a past time but with the way celebrities are wearing it around, it has indeed become part of the present. In fact, many of the male celebrities have been seen wearing skull type jewelry in the latest times. Here are 12 male celebrities that truly look amazing wearing skulls and can pull it off well.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

I know I would never have thought that Arnold Schwarzenegger could pull this look off but he does and does it well. Mr. Schwarzenegger is a well-known celebrity that has played in many films and was, in fact, the governor of California. However, that does not stop him from wearing the skulls and pulling them off well. Mr. Schwarzenegger has been caught wearing a skull ring which is why I believe that he would look great wearing the ring below from belindajewelz.com.


Zac Brown

Everybody by now has heard of the Zac Brown band. However, did you know that the lead singer’s name is Zac Brown? Zac Brown and his band have literally pushed the boundaries when it comes to music. They have truly separated rock from the country which is the way music should be. However, Mr. Brown still has a dark side to him as he wears his raven necklaces and his skull bracelets. That is why the picture below would be a perfect match for Mr. Brown.


Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg is a splendid actor, in my own opinion. He can keep up the tough guy act off stage that is uniquely his own. He does it in such a simplistic way that it could go unnoticed to the naked eye. However, it is there. He does, in fact, have a darker side to him. He wears a necklace with a gun on it, and while that particular necklace might have a meaning to him that is unknown to the public, he would look great in wearing something like in the picture below


Joe Manganiello

Mr.. Manganiello does not just play a tough role as a werewolf on Trueblood; he also is an actor, producer, and a writer. His tough act does not stop behind closed doors, however. Mr. Manganiello continues his desperate act even off stage and out of the spotlight. Mr. Manganiello has been out and about wearing his skull ring. That is why I think he would be a perfect match for this beauty pictured below.


Robert Downey Jr.           

Everybody knows Mr. Downey Jr. because of his role as Iron Man. By the way, in my opinion, Mr.. Downey Jr. does a fantastic job as acting as Iron Man, but that is beside the point. It does not matter if Mr. Downey Jr. is on the stage or off the stage, his tuff guy act is seen. Mr. Downey Jr. goes around wearing a bull skull head necklace just letting everybody know just what a tough man he truly is. Now, I do not believe jewelry portrays how tough you are, but it does nonetheless make a statement to others. This is the exact reason if Mr. Downey Jr. were to be shopping at belindajewelez.com, I would think he would pick something like below out. Now I know it is not a skull, but it is a dragon which still shows toughness.



NAS continues to hit the charts by combining packed lyrics to heavy beat music with jazz. It is actually pretty amazing what NAS has been able to accomplish throughout his career. He has proven to be a tuff competitor in the music world. He also has a way of portraying his toughness off the stage by wearing big bulky index rings as well as pinky rings, and he also wears necklaces that express his music.


Michael Strahan

Mr.. Strahan may not be an actor or a singer of any kind; however, he set the NFL record for the most stacks as a defensive end while playing for the New York Giants. His ratings for the Live! With Kelly and Michael has also gone through the roof. It helps that he has a unique style to go with his unique personality.


Steven Tyler

Mr.. Tyler needs no introduction. His role with Aerosmith is the legend and one that will live on for years to come. His style not only set records but showed their confidence in themselves. However, trust is no problem with Mr. Tyler; with his layers of necklaces, rings, and bracelets he is known for wearing. His style is no other than his own. However, if I were to pick one piece of jewelry out for him, it would be the one below.


Ron Wood

Another legend who needs no interdiction is Mr. Wood from the Rolling Stones. He played the guitar for the Rolling Stones and will live on for years to come. That is why his style is still going strong. Rolling Stones and Aerosmith both have been around to set records, and they both have their own unique style that is why for Mr. Wood I would choose something completely different than I did for Mr. Tyler from the Aerosmith.


Ringo Starr

Another legend that set records and in my opinion will live on forever are the Beatles. That is why Mr.. Starr is another legend who needs no introduction as the drummer for the Beatles


Jay Z

Jay Z is well known for making records in hip hop music and dating Beyoncé but that is for a different story. Jay Z definitely has his own style all the way around. This piece would look great with his style.


Jimmy Page

Mr.. Page is the one who wrote Led Zeppelin’s riffs into the rock music it was. His talent is imaginative and renowned. His style is no different.


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12 Celebrities Who Will Look Awesome in Belinda Jewelz’s Skull Jewelry

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