It seems that not everyone likes Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge

Celebrity News : Pirates of the Caribbean: Revenge of Salazar, the fifth movie of the saga, directed by Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg and starring Johnny Depp, Javier Bardem, Orlando Bloom, Geoffrey Rush, Brenton Thwaites and Kaya Scodelario.

It was not difficult to create a film superior to the last deliveries of the saga, that did not manage to satisfy everybody, or at least, convinced altogether less that the first two episodes and that the constant delays made us tremble thinking in the result of this fifth movie

In this case, the staunch followers of the Pirates of the Caribbean will find a very complete and powerful movie that wants to function at the same time as prequel telling us the origin of Jack Sparrow; As a sequel, giving an end to the story of Will Turner and as a reboot introducing us to a new generation that comes to take the witness to live new adventures across the seas.

In view of this data, you will ask if there is a vocation to continue exploiting the franchise. And the answer is a resounding yes. We have a post-credit scene that points in that direction and enough reasons to think that if the box office accompanies the project, the sixth film will be shot yes or yes.

Jack Sparrow faces a new threat: the deadly phantom pirates led by his old enemy, the terrifying Captain Salazar, escape from the Devil’s Triangle, determined to kill every pirate in the sea, including him. His only hope for survival will be to find the legendary Trident of Poseidon, a powerful artifact that gives its possessor total control over the seas.

The fact is that despite the undoubted joy of reuniting with mythical characters such as Sparrow or Barbossa, the samples of exhaustion of the plot Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s revenge are obvious: repeats schemes, is lost in arguments that do not they go nowhere (leaving even undeveloped characters), overexploits their fetish characters and presents such an accumulation of fantastic elements and untapped talent (Javier Bardem gives for much more) that the whole is perceived very weak. A shadow of what was.

Let no one take to deceive: the film is effective and gives what promises although it is still far from the quality level of the beginnings of the franchise. Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s revenge works worst in virtually all of its sections: humor is barely present, the story unfolds stumbling and the special effects of the climatic sequence are far from even being swallowed.

Although Javier Bardem and his interpretation of Salazar, all the action scenes are magnificent, Salazar’s ship is terrifyingly grandiloquent, the return to the beginning of the saga.

Jack Sparrow is much more ephemeral than in the previous installments, the moments in which there is no action are boring and although there are minutes of humor between half come to take of the film, the duration of the tape makes that some characters are little worked.



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It seems that not everyone likes Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge

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