Taylor Swift states in a trial for sexual assault against David Mueller

Celebrity News: Taylor Swift’s strange and bland judgment against David Mueller entered yesterday on his third day with the predictable cross of accusations, the story of a Colorado DJ who is accused of having touched the singer’s back in a photo shoot four years ago, in June 2013. What could have been a minor affair or deal with behind the scenes, has become a public spectacle very often by the media in the United States

Following the statements of the main accused, the radio DJ who lost his job in the wake of the incident, and the singer’s mother, Andrea Swift, was the turn of the main affected, a serious and impassive Swift during her testimony. She described the meeting as ” was horrifying, shocking,” and reminded the jury that what Mueller did was intentionally dismantling the DJ’s argument, stating that he only put his hand on the waist of the pop star.

That said while answering questions from Mueller’s lawyer, Gabriel McFarland. “He had a handful of my ass. I know it was him. I thought what he did was despicable,” he said firmly. “Other than grabbing my ass against my will, underneath my skirt, and refusing to let go, he did not otherwise touch me inappropriately,” he told the jury.

Little by little, he was dismantling the line of argument of the lawyer, who wielded a picture of Swift with Mueller and his girlfriend then, Shannon Melcher, in which they appear smiling and there is nothing strange in appearance. But the Pennsylvania singer was not intimidated. “This is a picture of her hand under my skirt, with her hand on my ass,” she said.

McFarland looked at the photo and argued that her skirt did not look lifted in the picture. “Because my ass is located in the back of my body,” said Swift with irony, in addition to ratifying that he does not feel guilty for the dismissal of the DJ after reporting what happened to his station and press for him to throw. “I am not going to allow your my client to make me feel like it is any way my fault because it isn’t,” he added. “I’m being blamed for the unfortunate events of his life that are a product of his decisions. Not mine.”

Mueller, for his part, has defended himself from the beginning, explaining that he put his hand on the waist to the singer, maybe touch his hand, but that’s it. To the question of if it grabbed by the buttock, the answer was blunt. “I did not do it”.

In fact, it was the DJ himself who brought legal action against Swift for having lost his job, for which he charged $ 150,000 a year. “It cost me my career, my passion, my income,” he said. Mueller learned of the reaction to what he had done a few moments later when a member of the Swift security team approached him to drive him out of the compound, the Pepsi Center in Denver, and bar him from entering his concerts in the future.

Now Mueller wants an economic compensation and “clarify” his name. “It is a humiliating experience to be accused of something so despicable.” It will be difficult to take account of Swift’s testimony, even if there is not one conclusive proof of what happened.

It may also help the mother’s statement, which said she wanted to “vomit and cry at the same time” when her daughter shared what happened between boxes of the pavilion.

In Swift’s case, it seems more a matter of dignity than of money. Only last year, the 27-year-old artist added $ 44 million, according to Forbes. His intention is to give a lesson to the guy who got his hand. It hopes that the trial “will serve as an example for other women who may not publicly denounce outrageous and humiliating acts similar like this one.”

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Taylor Swift states in a trial for sexual assault against David Mueller

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