The noble gesture of Simon Cowell with a participant of ‘British Got Talent

Celebrity News: Simon Cowell will donate 78,000 pounds to Julia Carlile, contestant of ‘Got Talent’ so that she can have surgery for scoliosis.

The 15-year-old will need to undergo this surgery before the end of the year and if she does not win the contest she would not have the money to pay for it

Simon Cowell will pay for the spinal operation of Julia Carlile, a member of the MerseyGirls dance group, who compete in ‘British Got Talent’ in case they do not win the final.

Julia, 15, suffers from painful scoliosis, the curvature of the spine, and at her first audition told judges that her participation in the talent contest was her last chance to ‘be a star’ because she will soon need an operation that could Mean that you will never be able to dance again.

Only to win the competition, and therefore the £ 250,000 prize, would give her the chance to undergo a pioneering treatment in the United States.

But in Thursday’s British Got Talent semi-final, after his group MerseyGirls performed, Simon Cowell said a amazing statement: “I’ve got to tell you something girls. There’s a reason you came on the show this year, because I promise you this. Whatever happens we’re going to make sure you’re going to be in a great place I promise you that.”

“There’s no way I would ever have her [Julia] on this show and say, it’s all just about winning the £250,000. I couldn’t do that. You would do the same thing”.

“You get letters, you get calls. You have to draw the line at a certain point. But I think if someone comes on in this situation, to do nothing would be, well, I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror.

You create a connection. And I think with us, in this particular case, I think there is something we can do.

There’s no way I would ever say: ‘Right, you came second, so it’s all over’.”

Julia said she “feels free” and trusted for the first time, and the group’s success has silenced any unpleasant comments.

She also revealed that: “A week before our audition, a guy told me:” You’re never going to become a famous dancer, you will not dance again. “But after the audition, she admitted,” Oh, you’re actually so good. ”

Julia has unconditional support from her best friends in the group: her sister Alicia, 17, Annie Winstanley, 17, Becky Jordan, 16, and Poppy Gerrard, 15., have been dancing together since they were little

Originally they were called Just Us, but later they discovered an existing dance group with the same name, and they changed it by MerseyGirls.

Julia has been offered a spinal fusion surgery on the NHS, but the metal rods to join the vertebrae would leave her with little flexibility.

When investigating scoliosis, Julia discovered an operation called vertebral tethering of the body, where the bolts are tied together with a flexible cord, which would make it possible to bend.

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The noble gesture of Simon Cowell with a participant of ‘British Got Talent

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